Overview of Services


If you believe that you have concerns related to food, exercise, or body image, then you may seek an assessment through the Counseling Center. This assessment will occur with a mental health professional, and will last roughly an hour. During the assessment, you can expect the clinician to ask you questions about the current nature of your concerns, as well as to gain some information about any struggles with food, body image, or exercise that you have experienced in the past. Your clinician will ask you about your goals in seeking help, and may request that you schedule assessments with the dietitian, psychiatry, and/or a primary care provider in Health Services.

Assessments by these other providers can provide valuable insight into your current nutritional and medical status, which allows the Eating Disorders Care and Assessment Team to make individualized treatment recommendations that best suit your personal needs.

Treatment recommendations

Following the assessment process, our multidisciplinary team will make recommendations for the level of care that is most appropriate for you, as well as what resources both inside and outside of Baylor University would meet your treatment needs. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) and other professional associations have established best practices for eating disorder treatment, and the Eating Disorders Care and Assessment Team at Baylor adheres to those best practices. The team uses guidelines established by APA to make recommendations for levels of care, which can be found here.


The Counseling Center offers a short-term treatment model for the treatment of mental health concerns. The nature of eating disorders is that they often require longer lengths of treatment, and at times more intensive treatment than what is offered by the Counseling Center. The multidisciplinary team may feel it best that you are connected with a community therapist in Waco from the onset if this provides long-term consistency in your therapy. In these situations, we will work with you to find a therapist that best meets your transportation, financial, and scheduling needs.

If you need a higher level of care than what we can provide, then we will collaborate with you to find a treatment program and will coordinate your care with the treatment providers at that program.

Services Provided

  • Assessment
  • Individual and group psychotherapy*
  • Individual and group nutrition therapy*
  • Medical evaluation and monitoring
  • Psychiatric evaluation and monitoring
  • Transitions to community providers or treatment centers
  • Outreach

*Group therapy offerings may vary from semester to semester.