Stipend, Benefits, and Other Resources

Stipend & Benefits

Four doctoral level internships are available, each carrying a stipend of $35,568 for 40+ hours per week, beginning August 1st and continuing through July 31st of the internship year.

Interns are classified as Full-Time temporary staff members and are eligible for the following benefits:

  • Enrollment in group insurance products immediately upon employment
  • Accrual of Disability Leave (Sick Time)
    • Sick time is based on an accrual schedule
    • Staff begin accruing immediately upon employment, available after 2 months
    • Sick time is used for illness of employee, illness of spouse, child or parent
    • Sick time is used for doctor and dental appointments
    • Illness shall be reports as soon as possible to supervisor or department head
    • Physician’s statement required for more than 3 consecutive sick days
    • Accrual rate will be 7.33 hours per month
    • Baylor will not reimburse for unused sick time
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  • Accrual of vacation time;
    • Staff begin accruing hours immediately upon employment
    • Vacation must be approved in advance by supervisor
    • Accrual rate will be 10.67 hours per month
    • Baylor will pay for unused accrued vacation
    • Staff member must work their last day on the job
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Interns are also automatically eligible for these additional benefits:

  • Baylor University identification card
  • Use of campus facilities
  • Admission to certain campus events
  • Use of dining facilities
  • Free parking
Funding for Travel and Conferences

Interns are fully funded to travel to the Texas Counseling Center Intern Conference each year with the Training Director. At times, other conference attendance and travel may be available, depending on budgetary expenses. Typically, this includes the Texas University and College Counseling Center Conference (TUCCCC) in February, where interns will submit a proposal for a professional presentation. Some years, attendance at the Texas A&M Social Justice in College Counseling Conference will also be supported.

Monthly Luncheon

Interns meet monthly with the Training Director for lunch to discuss questions or concerns about training or about the program. It is also a time for the intern cohort and TD to be able to simply get know each other and share experiences.