Letter from the Training Director



Dear Prospective Applicant:

We welcome you to discover what makes our APA-Accredited Doctoral Internship in psychology compelling and impactful.

"The training program helped me to reach my goals due to staff interest and investment in my growth."

Our Doctoral Internship in psychology has full APA-Accreditation, is a member of the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral & Internship centers (APPIC), and is a twelve-month 2,000 hour, training program that provides comprehensive supervised experiences in health service psychology at a university counseling center.

Woven throughout this internship experience are two central, guiding questions: Who are you as a therapist? How are you therapeutic?

Students have found these questions essential to their development as therapists.

"It made me self-reflect more and focus on process/emotion."

Fundamentally, we believe that clinical interventions are centered in relationships. By integrating the self of the therapist with our interventions, we help trainees learn how self-reflection and self-awareness make them better practitioners. To facilitate that self-involving work for interns, we embrace a relational model, attend to diversity in the supervisory dyad, and work to minimize the impact of hierarchy and power.

Another exciting aspect of our training is the emphasis on developing supervisory skills. During this internship, trainees participate in supervision of practicum students, splitting supervision with an experienced psychologist supervisor who then provides supervision of the interns supervision. Our students learn to apply supervisory interventions within a relational framework, while assisting a practicum student to consider these same relational aspects with their clients.

"I really enjoyed the experience. I felt supported as I developed supervisory skills. I consider co-supervision to be a powerful learning experience for trainees!"

Additional highlights can be found in our training materials. These include a Diversity Outreach Project, group therapy co-facilitation, trauma work and dedicated supervision, working with spirituality and faith in counseling, and much more.

"The training program exceeded my expectations."

“Overall, it was superb.  The type of place people wish they can work!”

Once you have reviewed our materials, we welcome your application! Please direct any questions to Ed_Rogers1@baylor.edu.


Ed Rogers, Psy.D
Assistant Director; Training Director