Mind Body Lab

Mind Body Lab is a tranquil environment designed to help Baylor students explore various resources for improving their emotional health. The room provides self-guided training on deep breathing, meditation, and audio instructions on a variety of topics.

Mind Body Lab


While you can call to make an appointment, appointment is not necessary. The Mind Body Lab is located in the Counseling Center -Dutton office location.


Here are the list of devices available at Mind Body Lab:

GSR2: A biofeedback device that measures galvanic skin resistance. When you are relaxed, skin resistance increases; when you are excited or upset, skin resistance decreases. The GSR2 is meant to be used in conjunction with the experiential audio programming found on the MP3 Player.

MP3 Player: Experiential and instructional tracks on the following topics: Breathing Exercises, Muscle Relaxation, Meditation, Relaxation Sounds, Guided Imagery, Health & Well-Being, Sleep Issues, and Food Issues.

Muse – The Brain Sensing Headband: A device that provides real-time feedback as you meditate. Through the headband, when your mind is calm, you hear calming sound, and when your mind is unsettled you hear strong wind sound. After each session, you’ll see how you did through a series of charts and graphs. The device is designed to help you improve your meditation practices.

RESPeRATE: An electronic device that monitors your breathing and gives you immediate feedback as it changes. This device allows you to more clearly differentiate between the way we typically breathe and the practice of deeper, slower breathing that is associated with a more relaxed physical state.

IPAD: IPAD includes the following apps-Breathe2Relax (provides instruction on diaphragmatic breathing), Coloring Book, MindShift (provides information on coping with anxiety), Nature Sound, and 7M Yoga.

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