Scope of Service

Services Provided | Baylor University Counseling Center


As a university mental health service, Baylor University Counseling Center is equipped to meet a range of unique needs presented by college students.  


Committed to delivering quality care, the professionals at Baylor University Counseling Center provide a range of short-term mental health services to undergraduate and graduate students.


The Counseling Center staff cares about the wellbeing of every Baylor student. All students are welcome to walk into the Counseling Center for an initial assessment to discuss their concerns with a staff member.


Baylor University Counseling Center provides a wide range of therapeutic interventions for Baylor students. When a student’s needs require a more intensive level of care, Baylor University Counseling Center partners with the student to transition to resources within the community.


Situations that may require a transition of care include:

  • A need, or request, to be seen more than once a week for individual therapy.
  • A need, or request, for uninterrupted individual services from semester to semester. 
  • A need, or request, for treatment modality not provided by BUCC staff.
  • A need, or request, to be seen differently than what is clinically recommended.
  • Presence of one or more of the following, such that the best treatment would be an intensive outpatient program (IOP) or higher level of care:
    • Alcohol and Other Drug Addiction
    • Eating disorders
    • Chronic thoughts and/or attempts of self-injury and/or suicide
  • Request for:
    • Psychological testing or evaluations to attain accommodations through the Office of Access and Learning Accommodations (OALA)
    • Documentation for an emotional support animal


Baylor University Counseling Center is well connected with resources on Baylor’s campus and in the Waco community, and the staff works with students to determine the most effective levels of care for their needs. Our goal is to identify the needs of our students and connect them to the appropriate service.