Active Minds at Baylor

Changing the conversation about mental health




Active minds is a national organization focused on two aspects: spreading education and awareness of mental health issues that affect college students, and reducing the stigma surrounding these issues. Nearly half of all American college students have been affected by depression, anxiety, drug abuse, suicide, and many other mental health issues-- and because these issues are prevalent on college campuses, there is a need for awareness. The mission of Active Minds is just that: to educate, and to let others know that they are not alone in their struggle. Active Minds at Baylor University is a student organization tailored to the specific needs of the Baylor campus.


Iliana Trevino, President:

Jonathan Barnes, Vice President:

Daniela Olaya, Publicity/Webmaster Chair:

Ritu Bhatt, Community Outreach/Fundraising Chair:

Emily Yang, Secretary:


Graduate Advisor

Staff Advisor
Brooke Hill- Allen, Assistant Directory of Community and Diversity Programs: