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Parents Guide to the First Year


Too often we think only about students and the transitions they will be encountering in college. In reality, parents are in a period of transition that can be as challenging as the one their students face. Many of the experiences associated with academic pursuits, vocational aspirations, calling in life, new found independence, and the development of new friendships are associated with increased anxiety and emotions.

The first year experience and subsequent years present a series of unique challenges that center around your student's growing independence and maturity into adulthood. With each passing year, you and your student will make adjustments as each of you learns how to manage independence and your changing relationship.

Going off to college represents a major life transition. Managing time, clarifying values, transitioning into new friendships, learning from mistakes, and developing autonomy will begin to occur when your student first arrives on campus and will continue throughout the college years. Some students may experience few problems while others find the process more difficult. It is expected and completely normal for students to experience some anxiety making the adjustments during each of the years they are in college. It is also expected that changes typically follow a pattern of phases or seasons. Each phase or season brings with it a set of opportunities and challenges that have inspired us to create this calendar.

Parents are uniquely qualified and positioned to assist their students in making their transition to Baylor successful. In the following pages information is provided on typical challenges you and your student will be facing along with specific suggestions on what you can do to help during each step of the way. We hope this will increase understanding between parents and students and help you provide the support that is needed.

As we extend our hopes and prayers to you and your student for an exciting and memorable experience at Baylor University, we also offer our assistance to you and your student. Please do not hesitate to call at any time you need advice or help.


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