Records Request

Counseling Records

Counseling records are not part of academic records, and no one has access to them except the staff of the Baylor Counseling Center (BUCC). Upon written request, we will provide a copy of your treatment summary and/or other pertinent portions of your record to another licensed mental health care provider or physician of your choice. If you request release of information to any other individual, we will request a written release and may request personal contact with you.

You may review records of your treatment at the Counseling Center. This review follows established Counseling Center procedures as well as University, State, and Federal laws pertaining to confidentiality and release of professional information.


Records related to couple counseling sessions are maintained in a student's individual record with the identifying information for the spouse or partner removed. Although the information discussed in couple sessions is considered confidential by BUCC staff members, confidentiality by the participating spouse or partner in couple counseling cannot be guaranteed.

Record Request Fees:

Copy of Counseling Records (picked up or mailed): $10.00

Copy of Counseling Records (faxed): $15.00