Diversity Vision Statement

As a center we are committed to engaging in a journey of multicultural competency. We seek growth in our understanding of diversity as it relates to both the Baylor community and the global community. Our commitment extends not only outward in service but inward, as we each pursue awareness of our own experience of diversity.

As a center we share core values that promote and celebrate diversity. An expression of these values is evident in our respect, empathy, compassion, and acceptance of all people. We pride ourselves on providing services in the areas of clinical treatment, outreach and prevention, consultation, liaison, training and education. We envision our values, as they relate to multicultural competency, to be visible in all the ways in which we interact with Baylor and the Waco community, as well as, our day to day functioning within the walls of the BUCC.

As a center we strive not only to increase awareness of diversity issues such as oppression and discrimination, but also to foster reconciliation as we affirm movement towards healing. We believe the spirit of the Christian faith embraces the spirit of multiculturalism: both emerging from the spirit of love. In being compelled by love, we show hospitality, dignity, and humility in our work with all people and in our interactions with one another.

As a center we find our professional and ethical standards to be complimentary to the unique mission of Baylor University. The basic tenets of beneficence and non maleficence, fidelity and responsibility; integrity, justice, and respect for people's rights and dignity guide us in our individual and collective goals, and in our role within the University.