Some students may feel hesitant to seek our services with the concern that parents, teachers or administrators at Baylor would have access, this is not the case.

All records are confidential and they are NOT part of your academic or administrative records.

Your records and personal history are available to no one, this includes parents, family, police, faculty or administration unless you provide written consent. No information about your counseling will be released to anyone without your authorization, except under the following circumstances:

  • If referred by someone else, we will confirm attendance at your first session for the referral source. No further information will be provided to them without your written permission.
  • Information released to other professionals involved in treatment. Most commonly this would be to other members of the counseling staff at BUCC, our psychiatric consultant (if involved in your treatment), or a Baylor Student Heath Center physician (if assisting in managing your treatment).
  •  If you are under 18 years of age, your parents or legal guardian(s) may request access to your records and may authorize their release to other parties.
  •  If you are determined to be in imminent danger of harming yourself or someone else.
  •  If you disclose abuse or neglect of children, the elderly, or disabled persons.
  •  If you disclose sexual misconduct by a therapist.
  •  To qualified personnel for certain kinds of program audits or evaluations.
  •  To individuals, corporations, or governmental agencies involved in paying or collecting fees for services. This includes insurance companies.
  •  Where otherwise legally required.

Prior to starting the Initial Assessment step, you will be provided with detailed information regarding counseling services and given an opportunity to ask questions.

COUPLE COUNSELING: Records related to couple counseling sessions are maintained in a student's individual record with the identifying information for the spouse or partner removed. Although the information discussed in couple sessions is considered confidential by BUCC staff members, confidentiality by the participating spouse or partner in couple counseling cannot be guaranteed.

NOTE: Students should be aware that many states, including Texas, ask about therapy as part of application to the bar. In a few states medical boards request this information as well. Similar information is requested by some religious denominations prior to ordination. Some federal agencies require releasing this information for applicants for sensitive government positions. In the past we have responded to these requests with brief summaries, which have been sufficient. This information is only released with your written consent.

The staff adheres to the ethical principles and codes of conduct for psychologists of the American Psychological Association and for counselors of the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors.

If you have any questions about your rights as they relate to confidentiality, please do not hesitate to contact the Counseling Center and speak with a therapist.