The Outreach Program




The goal of the Department of Counseling Services Outreach Program is to provide mental health-related programming focused on the developmental and educational needs of students. The Outreach Program serves the campus community by providing educational programming on mental health issues for the purpose of prevention and stigma reduction.

Outreach encompasses the ways in which the counseling center is involved in the campus as a whole, outside the confines of the clinical setting. Outreach plays an increasingly important function for the Department of Counseling Services, as the number of students utilizing clinical services in the counseling center has steadily increased over the last 5 years. This is reflective of a national trend in which counseling centers are not able to serve all students who would benefit from counseling through direct clinical service. It is essential to provide relevant and effective mental health education and prevention through counseling center outreach to the campus community. Outreach helps facilitate referral to clinical services for those who need treatment, and empowers students to live lives conducive to mental health and wellness.

To request a Counseling Center speaker at your campus event, please fill out the Outreach request form

Please submit your request 2 weeks in advance of the event. While every effort will be made to fulfill outreach requests, The Baylor Counseling Center cannot ensure that every request can be accommodated.

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For more information about The Outreach Program contact the Counseling Center 254-710-2467.