Meet the Staff

Clinical Staff

Jim Marsh, Ph.D.
Dean of Student Health and Wellness & Executive Director for Counseling Services
Annie Mathew, Psy.D.
Assistant Director of Clinical Services & Senior Psychologist
Randal W. Boldt, Psy.D.
Senior Associate Director & Senior Psychologist
Teran Yaklin, LCSW
Associate Director of Clinical Operations & Senior Staff Clinician
Ed Rogers, Psy.D.
Assistant Director, Training Director & Senior Psychologist
Cheryl Wooten, Psy.D.
Coordinator of Trauma Recovery & Senior Psychologist
Grace Kallimel, Psy.D.
Coordinator of Practicum Training & Senior Psychologist
Grace Brown, LCSW
Crisis Care Counselor
Jessica Raddin, LCSW
Senior Staff Clinician
Esther Hooley, Ph.D.
Coordinator of Multicultural Services& Psychologist
Kallie Kobold, Psy.D.
Coordinator of Outreach &Psychologist

Administrative Staff

Ta'Nesha  Ward
Administrative Director
Natasha Jones
Administrative Associate
Amy Palacios
Administrative Associate
Mary Sinkule
Administrative Associate
Sharon Still
Administrative Associate