Spring 2021 University Event Guidance

The Spring 2021 University Event Guidance is designed to simplify and streamline events for faculty, staff, and students for the remainder of the semester.  The policies and procedures are in effect for events, meetings, gatherings, guest lectures, and academic field trips.  

Please Note:  Baylor has implemented a moratorium on all in-person events through February 7th.  Events may be submitted for planning purposes and are subject to postponement or cancellation due to conditions related to COVID-19.  

Event Defined (non-student organization)

An event on campus is an in-person gathering that is not part of an approved academic course published in the Baylor schedule of classes and/or one of the University’s academic catalogs.  An academic event is an event that originates within Academic Affairs and that may or may not be tied to an academic course.  All events and academic events must adhere to all of the University’s COVID-19 safety guidelines.

General Guidelines
  • Masks are required at all university events 
  • Space capacity limitations (20% occupancy) and social distancing (6 feet) are required 
  • Food and drink are discouraged for all events
  • Sanitation (personal/ space) including hand washing stations, common use items, or general spaces are required for all events
  • Attendance tracking for all present is expected
  • COVID-19 symptom self-checks are required of each attendee 
  • Please see the links below for additional information

Current Opening Phase (subject to change) – Tier 2 
Anticipated opening date February 7th

Off-campus student organization activities and/ or institutionally sponsored events

  • Outdoor activities/events continue to be capped according to City of Waco ordinance (currently 10); 
  • Indoor activities approved by Student Activities for student organizations and by home department for institutionally sponsored events as consistent with room capacity determined by the City of Waco; advisor/staff coordinator must be present and actively monitoring health protective practice

On-campus student organization activities

  • Student-sponsored events meeting indoors within stated room capacity (no greater than 20%) and a cap of 50 participants or meeting outdoors with a cap of 75 participants. Advisor/staff member assures health protective practices are followed.

On-campus, institutionally sponsored events*

  • Outdoor events must maintain same staffing structure of 1 staff for every 50 participants, capped at 400;
  • Indoor events set to 50% capacity of room; staff coordinator must be present and actively monitoring health protective practices

Classroom Activity and Academic Events

  • In-person classroom activity occurs according to social distancing and other COVID-19 protocols
  • Academic events such as guest lectures, field trips, or conference activities must follow the same guidance described in this chart for off-campus and on-campus student organizations and institutionally-sponsored events.

Student Events & Experiences

All student and organization events are managed through Baylor Connect (Engage) and reviewed by the Department of Student Activities.  Click here for Student Event Policies. Click here for information on how to register your event in Baylor CONNECT.

Faculty/ Staff Events and Experiences

All events hosted by departments or academic units will be managed by Institutional Events (External Affairs) through the EPIC system. Click here to request approval for your faculty/staff event. This includes academic departments or administrative units that have independent facilities and/or assets. Click here for Provost Office Policies

External Events

No external events or events that include a primarily external audience will be considered during the spring 2021 semester.  NCAA athletic events are excluded from this provision.