If You Need to Self-Isolate or Self-Quarantine

Remember your COVID-19 Action Plan.

CALL YOUR EMERGENCY CONTACT LIST to inform them of your health status and contact people who can provide assistance if needed.

CONTACT YOUR PROFESSORS to let them know about your health status and the impact on attending class or completing assignments and arrange a plan for continuing your coursework.

EXPECT A CALL from the Baylor University Contact Tracing Team or a public health official who may be compiling a list of those who were in close contact with you so they may monitor their health.

FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS for self-isolation or self-quarantine instructions provided by your healthcare provider. Bring your laptop so you can attend class online, engage with friends virtually, have a telehealth appointment with the Health Center.

AKS FOR HELP. Baylor Student Life staff  or someone from the University may also contact you to check on your wellbeing. If you haven’t been contacted by someone, email BearAid@baylor.edu.