Managing Stress & Anxiety Amid COVID-19

As COVID-19 news becomes more widespread, it is common for some people to experience stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety are felt by all people but at varying levels of severity, and each of us reacts differently. It is important to find helpful ways to manage stress and anxiety to avoid panic.

Six Tips to Help Manage Stress and Anxiety:
  1. Information is useful, but too much information can be unhelpful. Stick to reliable news sources and limit news intake to sources providing new information. There’s no benefit to watching the same news over and over.
  2. Take the necessary precautions, but don’t try to “invent” new ones. As with all dangers, it is important to be informed and aware. When we try to ensure 100% safety, we can get caught up in unhelpful behaviors.
  3. Maintain daily routines and make changes only when necessary. Schedules are a good way to keep anxiety at bay. Even if some changes need to be made, maintaining your overall routine is helpful.
  4. Don’t completely isolate yourself from others. Fear of contagion can cause some people to withdraw socially, but maintaining relationships can combat anxiety. Even if you are in self-isolation or self-quarantine, continue social interaction using FaceTime/Skype/Zoom, phone calls, or texts.
  5. Stay physically active — be outdoors if you can.
  6. Limit screen time. Too much time on devices can lead to less activity and more anxiety

Remember to maintain routines of self-care even as you shift to a virtual platform and navigate a new reality with different demands. Keep focused on what’s important and let go of other things. Be patient, be kind, be forgiving, be respectful, be flexible, be supportive…be a Baylor Bear!

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