Return to On-Campus Work Phases/Timing

Baylor is preparing for a five-phase strategic return to on-campus work starting in mid-May.

Phase 1 May 18-31 GraphicPhase 1
TARGET DATES: May 18‐May 31
  • Continuation of current Infrastructure and Critical Services and Research Support.
  • Operations & Facilities such as Aramark dining, grounds and housekeeping. Other Divisions/Departments may include, in full or limited resources, Information Technology Services, Student Health Services, Research Support Units, etc., as directed by their leadership.
Phase 2 June 1-14 GraphicPhase 2
TARGET DATES: June 1‐June 14
  • Critical On‐site Administrative and Business Operations as communicated from Divisional/School leadership.
Phase 3 June 15-28 GraphicPhase 3
TARGET DATES: June 15‐June 28
  • Administrative, Business, Academic and Student Support Operations as communicated from Divisional/School leadership.

Phase 4 July7-August 19 GraphicPhase 4
TARGET DATES: July 7 ‐ August 19
  • Staggered attendance of Faculty and Staff and certain Students for identified programs that begin in July such as Clinicals. All returns to campus will be based on on‐site needs and communicated from Divisional/School leadership.
Phase 5 August 14-23 GraphicPhase 5
TARGET DATES: August 14 ‐ August 23
  • Remaining Faculty and Staff needed for beginning of academic school year operations.
  • Other Information

    The Baylor University COVID-19 Task Force developed a framework for returning to work on campus. The Return to Workplace & Campus Framework is intended to prepare the University to resume on‐campus operations in phases during the next 90 days from mid‐May through mid‐August. The Framework was developed early in the preparations for returning to on-campus work, and some of the specific elements and/or guidance within the document will be updated over time. Please continue to check for updates. The document is restricted to faculty and staff and is intended to help provide context and background information.