Manager Tools for Remote Work

Managing your team and your team’s work is a little different when everyone is remote. It can be more difficult to keep up with where employees are focusing their effort, progress being made, barriers and stumbling blocks, and how to best plan who does what work and when. This section includes several tools and templates to help manage people and work even when everyone is remote.

Teleworking Expectations is an optional form to help you think through and communicate changes in tasks and responsibilities resulting from switching to working remotely.

The Daily Time Log is an optional tool to help employees keep track of what they are working on and how much time they are spending. This is a template that can be modified to better fit your specific needs.

The Daily Status Update form is an optional tool developed to help identify, plan, and keep up with work when everyone is remote. Feel free to modify to better fit your specific needs.

Onsite/Virtual Schedule Template is an optional tool to help plan and identify who will be in office, remote, or out of office each day of the week.

One on One Meeting Template is an optional tool to help your employees prepare for one and one meetings with you. There are a lot of one on one templates on the internet. This is a very simple one to help you and your employees identify priorities, discuss issues, and track progress on goals.