The 2000-01 Faculty Senate officers and membership:

Chair: Jay Losey (Arts and Sciences)

Chair-elect: David Longfellow (Arts and Sciences)

Secretary: Charles Weaver (Arts and Sciences)

Publicity: Buddy Gilchrest (Education)



Arts and Sciences:

Linda Adams, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Political Science Arts and Sciences
P.O. Box: 97276
Extension: 6049
Term: 98-01*

Robert "Bob" Baird, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair of Philosophy Arts and Sciences
and Master Teacher
P.O. Box: 97273
Extension: 3368
Term: 98-01*

Rosalie Beck, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Religion Arts and Sciences
P.O. Box: 97284
Extension: 6339
Term: 98-01

Anne-Marie Bowery, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Philosophy/ Arts and Sciences
P.O. Box: 97274
Extension: 3368
Term: 97-00

Ray Cannon, Ph.D.

Professor of Mathematics; Arts and Sciences
P.O. Box: 97328
Extension: 6564
Term: 00-03

Tom Hanks, Jr., Ph.D.

Professor of English; Arts and Sciences
P.O. Box: 97421
Extension: 6892
Term: 00-03

David Longfellow , Ph.D.

Associate Professor of History Arts and Sciences
P.O. Box: 97306
Extension: 6302
Term: 97-00*

Jay Losey, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of English Arts and Sciences
P.O. Box: 97406
Extension: 4896
Term: 96-99

Linda McManness, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Spanish;Arts and Sciences
P.O. Box: 97393
Extension: 4426
Term: 00-03

Jim Patton , Ph.D.

Professor and Chair of Psychologyand Neuroscience; Arts and Sciences
P.O. Box: 97334
Extension: 2961
Term: 00-03

Richard Riley, Ph.D.

Professor of Political Science; Arts and Sciences
P.O. Box: 97276
Extension: 6050
Term: 99-02

Eric Rust , Ph.D.

Associate Professor of History; Education
P.O. Box: 97306
Extension: 2667
Term: 00-03

Sara Stone, Ph.D.

Professor of Journalism Arts and Sciences
P.O. Box: 97353
Extension: 6348
Term: 98-01*

Charles Weaver III, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology Arts and Sciences and Neuroscience
P.O. Box: 97334
Extension: 6750
Term: 97-00

Ray Wilson II, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology Arts and Sciences
P.O. Box: 97388
Extension: 2911
Term: 98-01

Joe Yelderman, Jr., Ph.D.

Professor of Geology Arts and Sciences
P.O. Box: 97354
Extension: 4119
Term: 96-99

David Young, Ph.D.

Lecturer in Chemistry Arts and Sciences
P.O. Box: 97348
Extension: 6873
Term: 98-01


Joe Cox, Ph.D.

Professor of Management; Business
P.O. Box: 98006
Extension: 6193
Term: 99-02

Mark Dunn, Ph.D.

Professor of Marketing Business
P.O. Box: 98007
Extension: 6175
Term: 98-01

Van Gray

Associate Professor of Management
P.O. Box: 98006
Extension: 6468
Term: 00-03

Karen Johnson, M.I.M.

Lecturer in Economics Business
P.O. Box: 98003
Extension: 6149
Term: 98-01*

Charles Stanley, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Accounting; Business
P.O. Box: 98002
Extension: 6228
Term: 00-03

Jane Williams, M.S.Ed.

Senior Lecturer in Information Systems and Business
P.O. Box: 98005
Extension: 4757
Term: 99-02


Fred Curtis, Ed.D.

Professor of Curriculum and Instruction; Education
Associate Dean for Academic Instruction
P.O. Box: 97304
Extension: 6102
Term: 99-02

Buddy Gilchrest, Ed.D

Professor of Health, Human Performance Education andRecreation
P.O. Box: 97313
Extension: 4031
Term: 98-01

Pat Sharp, Ph.D.

Professor of Curriculum and Instruction; Education
P.O. Box: 97314
Extension: 2410
Term: 00-03

Engineering and Computer Science:

Don Farris, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Engineering Engineering and
Computer Science
P.O. Box: 97356 *
Extension: 4193
Term: 96-99


Marianne Auld, J.D.

Professor of Law
P. O. Box: 97288
Extension: 6585
Term: 00-01


Kathy Sparkman, M.L.S.

Assistant Professor and Preservation Librarian; Libraries
P.O. Box: 97148
Extension: 6679
Term: 00-02


Jane Abbott-Kirk, M. M.

Associate Professor, Keyboard Studies Music
P. O. Box: 97408 Term: 98-01
Extension: 6512

Michael Jacobson, D.M.A

Professor of Music
P.O. Box: 97408
Extension: 6533
Term: 00-03


Martha Sanford, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Nursing
P.O. Box: 3700 Worth Dallas TX
Extension: (214) 820-4188
Term: 00-03

Truett Seminary:

David Garland, Ph.D.

Professor of Christian Scripture Truett Seminary
P.O. Box: 97126
Extension: 3755
Term: 99-02