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The 2011-2012 academic year at Baylor is well underway. This busy and bustling time of year is a personal favorite as students rush about the Baylor campus--many for the first time--moving forward on their Baylor journey.

As we prepare for an exciting Parents Weekend at Baylor, we look forward to welcoming many of you, new and returning parents, back to the Baylor campus.

In the meantime, Perspectives, the Baylor Parents League e-newsletter, is here to bring you updates from campus and other helpful information. In this issue, we discuss the challenges some students face being away from home and offer tips for helping your student through the occasional bump in the road. Keep reading below to learn how you, along with Baylor's vast resources, can encourage your student on to continued success.

And remember, this weekend and beyond, the Baylor Parents League is your connection to the University and other Baylor parents throughout the seasons of your student's journey. As always, we're just a click or phone call away.

Welcome and Sic 'em Bears,

Judy Maggard
Director, Parent Programs
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eNews_Yellow_Icon_100Staying the Course

Perspectives August1No doubt about it, choosing a college is a life-changing decision. But once the decision is made and the journey has begun, it’s not always smooth sailing.

Rather than bailing at the first sign of a challenge, there are resources available to help every student succeed and see the college journey though to the end.



homesick_photo_emailWith teenagers, you never have to wonder about their aching desire to make their own rules and live independently--to be on their own as adults. And so, with college, your child is experiencing much of this
long-awaited freedom for the first time. And chances are, your student might not have anticipated the challenges of college life.

College is a whole new ballgame, and in the transition, homesickness may set in. But, there is help. Baylor offers a myriad of resources to aid your student in feeling connected at any stage in the college experience--and tips for you to help in the process.


eNews_Yellow_Icon_100In Case of Emergency...

Life happens. It interrupts peaceful moments and important plans, and the college years are no exception. This is why the Student Emergency Fund exists: to bridge the gap for students facing unexpected challenges that threaten to affect their academic pursuits.

Perspectives August1As a part of the Baylor Parents Fund, the Student Emergency Fund is an opportunity for parents to provide an extra measure of support to students, especially those facing unique challenges during their time at Baylor.

It is just one way you can extend your loving, parental support beyond your own family to other members of the Baylor family.

Support the Student Emergency Fund today!

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