Judy Maggard Our office always strives to bring you the latest and most relevant news at Baylor. In this issue of Perspectives, we feature two exciting new programs on campus that are designed to make life a little easier for your student. Zipcars and textbooks are now available to rent on campus, helping conserve two of the most valuable resources students have--time and money.

For those occasions where life might be more difficult for your student because of a conflict with his or her roommate, we outline the most effective ways to address the situation. At Baylor, we work to build a true caring community for our students. As with any family, conflict happens eventually, and our hope is that some of the tips outlined in this issue will provide the steps toward an amicable solution.

As always, if we can be of any assistance to you as you navigate this journey of parenting a college student, please don't hesitate to contact us. We welcome your call on the toll-free Parents Helpline (1-888-287-5557) or via e-mail at parentsleague@baylor.edu.

Sic ’em Bears,

Judy Maggard
Director, Parent Programs



Help, My Roommate is Driving Me Crazy.

Conflict between roommates: it almost seems inevitable. Expectations that students have of their roommate(s) on move-in day may not be met as the semester rolls out. But far from a losing battle, overcoming roommate conflict can actually be a necessary and positive experience for your student.

Introducing Zipcars: A Zippy New Way to Drive!

Join. Reserve. Unlock. Drive. These are the four simple steps for this new program on campus, which aims to ease the burden of the car-less on campus.

This fall, Baylor's new "Zipcars" provide students with the opportunity to rent a vehicle for days at a time, allowing them to have a car, without actually having a car.

To Rent or Not To Rent: That is the Question.

Textbooks are top-dollar
items--resources that students need to survive college classes. With this in mind, the Baylor Bookstore has become a house of options for acquiring textbooks at reasonable prices. For decades, the bookstore has accepted "sellbacks" after classes end, but that doesn't help the students strapped for cash on the first day of classes.

Thankfully, the option to rent textbooks is now available at the Baylor Bookstore, so that students immediately save at least 50% off the cover price. What's the catch? There is none. Just be sure your student turns them in on time!

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