APRIL 2010
parents_league_email-from_the_director Judy Maggard As the academic year draws to a close, students, faculty and staff are putting the finishing touches on another outstanding year in the life of Baylor University. As assignments are completed and studying for final exams begins, we hope that each student will remain focused and determined to finish the semester on a strong and positive note.

As our students begin to plan the next step in their college careers, it is abundantly clear that many choices await them. For some, it is the walk across the stage in May signifying their grand accomplishment of a Baylor education. For others, it means taking summer classes, working full time or just simply taking a break from school. In this issue of Perspectives we have some useful tips and information about how you can help your student make the most of the next few months.

We will resume our e-newsletters in the fall, but in the meantime we wish you and your family a wonderful summer. If your plans involve travel, we pray that your journeys will be safe and enjoyable.

Sic 'em Bears,

Judy Maggard
Director, Parent Programs




Summer Fever: Maximizing Summer Vacation

SummerSummer is approaching and students' minds are reeling with the endless possibilities of how they can spend their two-month vacation. As early as January, opportunities begin knocking at students' doors: mission trips, summer camps, volunteer options, summer classes and even friends from home who want to reconnect.

With so many summer alternatives, have you ever wondered if there is a method to the madness? This summer snapshot will prepare you to help your student decide on the vacation with the greatest potential.

Big Boost for Baylor, Waco and Research

BRICSomething big is happening on South Loop Drive in Waco. Yes, it's even larger than the 300,000-square-foot facility that will house it. It's the concept that everyone wins when great minds come together to discover and share knowledge.

Introducing: Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative (BRIC), a project that will expand Baylor's research capabilities, enhance the experience of engineering students, promote important partnerships, provide more jobs…and that's just the beginning.

A Quick Study of Study Abroad

Traveling to a foreign country, living with fellow students and experiencing exotic cultures may sound more like an adventure than an academic exercise. But Study Abroad trips add a wonderful, rich flavor to a
well-rounded education.

Regardless of the destination, treading on foreign soil, shedding the comforts of home and letting go of long-held cultural instincts enhances a global perspective in an increasingly connected world.

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