January 2010


Judy Maggard Ushering in a new decade can be significant in a number of ways. Whether your student is a second-semester freshman or a graduating senior, the beginning of 2010 can mark a special time in their lives as they look forward to new opportunities and challenges.

In this issue of Perspectives, we share some ways you can help your students reach for new heights and take advantage of the college years to benefit themselves today and into the future.

The Parents League organization is here to serve you while your student is studying and living within the Baylor community. We hope that you will contact our office if we can be of assistance to you. Please visit our webpage for resources to help you in your journey as a Baylor parent.

Judy Maggard
Director, Parent Programs


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Reflect. Refocus. Move Forward.

Holiday HomeWas last semester a rough one for your student? Or has your former wallflower turned into too much of a college social butterfly? Success in college (and beyond) lies in finding a healthy balance. Before your student launches into the fast-paced spring semester, take a moment to encourage him or her to reflect and refocus for a better semester ahead. Read more.

The "Major" Decision

Northwest Dallas ParentsHas your student ever felt overwhelmed by the vast number of majors offered? Perhaps you have undertaken the journey with your student to find career options that fit his/her major? The Paul L. Foster Success Center offers many tools to help. Read more.

What If It Was MY Child?

Holiday HomeIt's always unexpected: a tragedy in the family, an accident or financial crisis. Whatever the scenario, misfortune can turn a family upside-down, often making the completion of college seem unattainable. And that's why some Baylor parents, like Chris and Melissa Herndon, have taken initiative on behalf of students they probably will never meet. Read more.


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