Donít let your eyes be fooled.

It doesnít pull.

It warps,

like a weight on a trampoline,

and things roll down the slope.


So strong in great masses,

it can bend light,

twist it,

making straight lines into curved ones,

and making two stars from one.


A great star collapses.

So much pressure.

Big squeeze,

crushing matter to a mere point.

Even light cannot escape.


An event horizon

spreads out in space.

No mass,

but a massive, sinister well.

So light comes here to die.


It looks like supreme might,

but itís too feeble.

So weak

when compared with magnetism,

by a power of billions.


Weak things look like strong ones.

But sight isnít truth.

Look close.

It slips to another dimension,

and you do not see it.

 --Jesse Manley 2004