For the victims of 9/11.



The Bridge


The past, cut by a million tons of steel.

Falling angels, landing hard

On a clear blue morning.


The state of empire

Enveloped in a moving wall of smoke.

Earth covered in dirty flour.


The empty streets, unreal.

Lower Manhattan in a fog bank of smoke.

Paper, like a scattered stock exchange.

Dust fell, as if a million souls had disintegrated.


Thousands walked out over the bridge, out of the city,

Its cables spun before men made planes.

I had not thought death had undone so many.


The past was behind in smoke.

Into a new world,

Let us cross over the river

And rest under the shade of the trees.


The falling giants, a replay that never stops.

Yet liberty still stands in the harbor.


-- John Solter 2004
















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John Solter