MA Candidates Present their Thesis Projects

April 9, 2021
On behalf of the Graduate School and faculty of the Department of Communication, congratulations to the following Master's candidates who recently completed their thesis projects and all requirements for the Master of Arts in Communication:

James Allan (chair: Dr. Leslie Hahner)
Mattilyn Egli (chair: Dr. Sam Perry)
Ayra Hammon (chair: Dr. Lacy McNamee)
Michael Harrington (chair: Dr. Scott Varda)
Becca Lanier (chair: Dr. Jessica Ford)
Jarrod Mathis (chair: Dr. Ashley Barrett)
Nicole Nave (chair: Dr. Scott Varda)
Johanna Simpson (chair: Dr. Leslie Hahner)
Jacob Smith (chair: Dr. Leslie Hahner)
Michaela Wuthrich (chair: Dr. Leslie Hahner)
Greg Zoda (chair: Dr. Leslie Hahner)

"These candidates produced outstanding work, demonstrating perseverance and adaptability throughout a challenging semester and year," said Graduate Program Director Dr. Lacy McNamee. Congratulations to all!
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