Summer High School Debate Workshop

July 16-22, 2023

About the Policy Debate Workshop

The Baylor Debate Policy Workshop emphasizes research and skill development on the NSDA/UIL policy debate resolution for the upcoming season.

  • Labs and lectures are offered on the novice, intermediate, and championship levels.
  • Lectures are given by our highly experienced workshop staff with decades of experience in the debate activity.
  • Baylor’s low student-faculty ratio (10:1) allows the opportunity for extensive one on one interaction with our outstanding teaching staff.
  • Students at the workshop can research in Baylor’s world-class library, and have easy access to the best electronic research available. In addition, students will receive complimentary access to AirBear, for conducting wireless research and for paperless debate practice!
  • Intensive practice sessions equip students with the experience necessary to improve their in round debating skills.

About the Lincoln-Douglas Debate Workshop

The Lincoln-Douglas Debate Workshop provides the student an intensive, skill-specific experience on the upcoming high school Lincoln-Douglas debate topic. We have created a format uniquely ours for teaching value debating to high school students. The Lincoln-Douglas section will be an independent workshop, featuring instruction in philosophy, value debate strategy and tactics, persuasion and public speaking skills.

  • Our theory lectures are given by reputable debate theorists who have published articles in scholarly journals and have attended numerous conferences on argumentation and debate.
  • Each student will participate in practice debates to enhance his or her debate skills.
  • Classes are offered in the novice, intermediate, and championship levels.


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About the Teacher's Debate Workshop

The Teacher's Debate Workshop is designed for teachers wishing to develop proficiency in coaching policy debate, Lincoln-Douglas debate, or individual events, with an emphasis on the Texas Interscholastic League (UIL) setting. Teachers who are interested should contact Dr. Edwards directly for more information (


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Policy Debate Workshop and Lincoln-Douglas Debate Workshop Cost: $975
Teacher's Debate Workshop Cost: $675

One initial fee covers ALL costs of the workshop. There are NO hidden lab fees. Price includes:

  • Room and Board
  • Tuition
  • Baylor Briefs and Communican debate handbooks (policy) or Value Debate Handbook (Lincoln-Douglas)
  • Set of Topic Briefs (this allows us to begin practice debates immediately)

** Discounted rates for commuter students are available.

Outstanding Debate Instruction

Baylor has created a unique camp format for teaching policy debate to high school students. The goal of the policy workshop is to offer instruction in the traditional style of policy debate, intended to provide an in-depth understanding of the national topic. While some attention will be given to "critical arguments" -- especially to answering these arguments -- the focus will be on traditional debate practices in UIL and TFA circuits.

  • Students receive instruction appropriate to their level of experience.
  • Special instruction will be offered in researching policy propositions.
  • All students will participate in no less than four fully critiqued debates, adjudicated by our workshop faculty and/or special guest critics
  • Students will receive extensive training in how to improve their own speaking abilities and how to get a competitive edge against their opponents.
  • Intensive practice sessions will provide the experience necessary to improve in-round debating skills.

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