Joint B.A. / M.A. Program


During the junior year, eligible students must apply for formal admission to the Graduate School (NOTE: This process will not require the GRE) and submit the following to the program director no later than February 1, 2019:

  • Application, including 2 CSS faculty recommendations and 1 professional recommendation
  • Personal Statement – The statement should be approximately 2 pages in length and address the applicant’s: (a) goals in pursuing graduate study in the field of communication, (b) academic background and areas of interest in the communication field, and (c) view of his/her qualifications for and preparedness to join the program.
  • Writing Sample – Scholarly literature review, conceptual paper, and/or empirical study
  • Interview with joint degree program director to discuss degree planning and goals

During the senior year, students must complete the following in order to continue on in the joint B.A./M.A. program:

  • Earn a B or higher in each course taken toward completion of the 12 hours of graduate credit in the senior year
  • Declare a graduate faculty mentor to supervise the thesis project or praxis practicum