Joint B.A. / M.A. Program

Joint degree students fulfill the regular 36-hour B.A. requirements of all undergraduate CSS majors on the Corporate Communication track (Note: Any CSS course taken toward completion of the B.A. cannot simultaneously count toward the M.A.). The 30-hour M.A. requirements are typically completed during the senior and +1 year (12 hours in the senior year, 18 hours in the +1 year). These include:

• 21 hours of graduate-level COURSEWORK (3 hours CSS 5351 & 12 hours 5000-level CSS courses required; 6 hours may be out-of-department graduate courses and/or 4000-level CSS courses eligible for graduate credit)

• 9 hours toward the THESIS or PRAXIS PRACTICUM (in your 1st semester of grad work, you will complete 3 hours CSS 5V35 independent study in preparation for ultimately completing a thesis or internship practicum in your final year – i.e., 6 hours CSS 5V99: Thesis or CSS 5V98: Praxis Practicum)