Joint B.A. / M.A. Program

Degree Requirements

The BA/MA joint degree program in Corporate Communication combined the 36-hour major and undergraduate degree requirements with 30 additional hours of graduate coursework completed during the undergraduate and “+1” years.

The MA coursework is completed on the following timeline. *

SPRING (semester 1) - 6 hours graduate credit

Complete final undergraduate credits and take two graduate courses (a research methods course and a professional development course). 

FALL (semester 2) - 9 hours graduate credit

Take three graduate courses, and begin preparing for the thesis or praxis practicum.

SPRING (semester 3) - 9 hours graduate credit

Option 1 | Take three graduate courses and begin thesis

Option 2 | Take two graduate courses and write professional paper prior to praxis practicum placement.

SUMMER (semester 4) - 6 hours graduate credit

Complete thesis or praxis practicum.


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*While it is recommended that students complete the MA credits on this timeline, some exceptions may apply. Exceptions to the timeline are considered on an individual basis by the Graduate Program Director.

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