Joint Bachelors and Masters Program


The B.A. / M.A. degree in Communication is a traditional 36-hour B.A. degree combined with a 30-hour M.A. degree, enabling high-performing CSS majors on the Corporate Communication track to earn a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in 5 years. To culminate this experience, students complete a praxis practicum or thesis project that challenges them to independently pursue an area of study or practice that will cultivate their character, propel them into their career, and raise consciousness of their potential roles within and contributions to the broader community.

Graduates are competitively positioned to excel in a variety of careers, demonstrating themselves as uniquely qualified for roles and responsibilities including:

Strategic communication management/consulting: Designing, producing, and evaluating impact of messages for clients to enhance public visibility/awareness, meet customer/stakeholder needs, and increase competitive advantage (e.g., advertising, public relations, marketing efforts)

Internal communication efforts: Designing and implementing structures and processes to facilitate information-sharing, coordination, and collaboration within organizations

Stakeholder engagement and community relations: Developing relationships with organizations’ key audiences and individuals to encourage contributions of time (e.g., volunteer recruitment) and money (e.g., donor development)

Customer development and service: Initiating and developing relationships with prospective customers to purchase products/services; maintaining relationships and interaction with existing customers to identify and address needs

Organizational recruitment, training, and development: Recruiting employees and members, conducting training for communication-related positions and to cultivate communication skills, communicating with employees/members to promote satisfaction and engagement

Advanced studies and field-specific certifications: While we encourage students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in communication to complete the 2-year M.A. path, graduates will be well-prepared to pursue additional studies in interdisciplinary fields or complete additional certifications for communication-intensive fields (e.g., school administration, law, counseling, child development, public policy, social work, public relations)

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