Kayla Rhidenour, Ph.D.

Kayla Rhidenour, Ph.D.
Lecturer in Communication
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Office Information:

Office Location: Marrs McLean Science Building 185.1
Office Hours (Fall 2020): Online and by appointment

Mailing Address:

Baylor University
Department of Communication
One Bear Place 97368
Waco, TX 76798-7368

Educational Background:

  • B.A., Communication Studies, University of North Texas
  • M.A., Rhetorical Studies, University of North Texas
  • Ph.D., Rhetoric and Language, University of Texas at Austin


  • CSS 1302    Speech for Business and Professional Students
  • CSS 1302    Speech for Business and Professional Students, Online
  • CSS 3304    Small Group Communication
  • CSS 3310    Communication Theory
  • CSS 3310    Communication Theory, Online
  • CSS 3316    Persuasion
  • CSS 3316    Persuasion Online

Research Interests:

Overall, my research interests tend to coalesce around an examination of the role(s) the national news media plays in shaping our national, communal, and individual identities.  As we are constantly confronted with and engaged by narratives and stories surrounding us, it is important to consider how news media elites as well as citizens are shaped and molded by the powerful stories presented to us each day across several national news platforms.  Most of my research takes this global interest in narrative, identities, and the news story-telling apparatus and examines the lives of U.S. Veterans. For me research and advocacy go hand in hand, and I have been fortunate to have opportunities to work with several Veteran communities across the country to assist in the development and implementation of Veteran service initiatives.  

Teaching Philosophy: 

As an educator my number one goal is to assist in the development of engaged citizens, and as such, it is important for me to approach all of my courses with this goal in mind. Whether your personal engagement is through volunteerism, non-profit organizations, political participation or education, the role of an informed citizen is vital for community development.  Critical thinking, investigation, and analysis are all key components in my courses.  Students can anticipate that these areas are reflected in assignments, course readings, and class discussions.

Teaching/Research Interests:

  • Rhetorical Theory and Criticism
  • Representation & Identity
  • Psychoanalysis, PTS(d), and trauma
  • Narrative Theory 
  • Veteran Affairs
  • Narrative Medicine

Family, Outside Hobbies, and Interests:

If I am not working, I am traveling.  Whether it is a month-long adventure tour of several new countries or a weekend trip to a new city, I love to explore.  To date I have visited 30+ countries, and I am only 4 states short of seeing all 50 here in the United States! If you have any travel tips/recommendations or if you want some advice to a place I've visited come share them with me during office hours.

What is the best thing about being a Baylor Bear?

Throughout my time at Baylor I would have to say that the best thing about being a Baylor Bear has been the energy across campus.  It is clear that Baylor is growing and expanding in a variety of ways, and the energy here is palpable.  From students and faculty members to the growing connections between the university and the greater Waco community it is an exciting time to be in the Department of Communication.  Sic ‘Em Bears!

Department of Communication

One Bear Place #97368
Waco,TX 76798-7368