Major Academic Planners (MAPS)

Our undergraduate program at Baylor University is ever-growing. We now house nearly 350 majors!


Each link below provides a list the suggested sequencing of courses for Communication students pursuing a B.A. Degree as they progress through their 4 years (8 semesters) at Baylor in accordance with our Communication Specialist Major and with our Communication Studies Major for each track (Corporate Communication, Rhetoric & Public Discourse, the Generalist, and Honors):

     2016 / 2017 Catalog Year:

     2015 / 2016 Catalog Year:

     2014 / 2015 Catalog Year:

     2013 / 2014 Catalog Year:



Each link below provides general sequencing for the requirements of a Bachelor of Arts Degree according to catalog year:

     Basic B.A. Degree: