Graduate Faculty

Ashley K. Barrett, PhD | Assistant Professor

Organizational Communication, Technology and Healthcare, Identity and Work


Jeff D. Bass, PhD | Professor

Rhetoric, Public Address, Film Criticism


Blair W. Browning, PhD |Associate Professor

Organizational Leadership and Conflict, Communication in Sports


Jane C. H. Damron, PhD | Senior Lecturer

Interpersonal Communication, Social Support, Coping, and Stress in Relationships


Richard E. Edwards, PhD | Professor

Rhetoric, Argumentation and Public Policy


Jacob S. Ford, PhD | Lecturer

Organizational Communication, Work, and Career


Jessica L. Ford, PhD | Assistant Professor

Organizational Disruptions, Health, and Safety


Matthew G. Gerber, PhD | Associate Professor & Director of Debate

Rhetoric, Argumentation and U.S. Foreign Policy


Leslie A. Hahner, PhD | Associate Professor

Visual Rhetoric and Cultural Studies


Lacy G. McNamee, PhD | Associate Professor & Graduate Program Director

Organizational Relationships and Member Role Development, Nonprofit Organizing


Mark T. Morman, PhD |Professor

Interpersonal Communication, Family and Health


Samuel Perry, PhD | Associate Professor

Visual Rhetoric, Public Address, Issues of Race


Kayla Rhidenour, PhD | Lecturer

Rhetoric, National News Media Influence, Veterans


David W. Schlueter, PhD | Professor and Department Chair

Change Management and Leadership


Scott J. Varda, PhD | Associate Professor

Argumentation and Rhetoric of Culture, Politics, and Identity


Luke Winslow, PhD | Assistant Professor

Rhetorical Criticism, Political Communication, Rhetoric and Religion