The Plan of Study

 By the end of the first semester of study in the Department of Communication graduate program, all graduate students are required to construct a plan of study. The purpose of this degree plan is to demonstrate to the graduate faculty that the student has selected an area of concentration, has a coherent plan of study, is on-track with his/her graduation requirements, and is choosing elective courses wisely.


A few notes on the degree plan process:


1.       All graduate students in the Department of Communication must have an assigned mentor/advisor to help facilitate the graduate school experience.  Usually by the end of the first semester in the program, every graduate student will inform the Graduate Program Director of his/her choice of faculty mentor. 

2.       During the first semester, all new graduate students will be advised by the Graduate Program Director; however, after that, degree program advising should be performed by the student’s faculty mentor and is subject to review and approval by the Graduate Program Director. The faculty mentor/graduate student relationship is a truly important component of the graduate school experience and all graduate students are encouraged to work closely with his/her graduate faculty mentor during their time in the program.

3.       Each graduate student in the Department of Communication, with consultation from his/her advisor and the Graduate Program Director, will construct a degree plan that is intended to direct the graduate student’s program of study while in the department.  The Graduate Program Director, in consultation with the student’s faculty mentor, will then review and approve the degree plan.

4.       Once approved, the degree plan worksheet will remain on file in the graduate program director’s office.  Each semester, after being advised by the student’s faculty mentor, the graduate student will schedule a brief meeting with the Graduate Program Director in order to review and update the student’s degree plan.  A student will not be able to register for courses until the student updates his/her degree plan with the Graduate Program Director.