Policy Debate Workshop

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Small Lab Groups: Students are placed in a group based on their experience level.

In these groups students discuss debate and argumentation theory, develop affirmative cases and negative strategies, and participate in practice speeches and practice debates.

Topic lectures: Dr. Matt Gerber will lecture to the policy students about their upcoming topic. Dr. Gerber is veteran debate coach as well as a co-author of the Baylor Briefs and Communican publications devoted to the high school debate topic. His lectures are based on months of research about the issues raised by the topic.
Small workshop lab groups: Students may spend time researching in the reserve collection or main library, reading material and constructing arguments, or participating in practice sessions.

Several recreational opportunities are scheduled for the weekend.

On Friday evening, the students may participate in athletic activities or the workshop movie.

Saturday is usually reserved for several practice debates.

Sunday morning is free time for students to attend worship services or visit with family. Students may also use this time to relax or catch up on laundry!

Conclusion of the second week
The conclusion of the second week of the workshop offers students a chance to try out the new arguments they have developed and the new skills they have learned in a series of practice debates.

Sunday, July 10 - Sunday, July 23, 2011

About the Workshop

The 2-week Policy Debate Workshop provides the student an intensive, skill-specific experience on the 2011-2012 high school policy debate topic.


$1300.00 - Price includes room, board, tuition and the cost of photocopying done within the various squads of the workshop, but it does not include individual photocopying by a student.

Meet the Workshop Staff

We provide an opportunity for students to interact with many of the nation's top debate coaches from both the high school and college ranks.

Dr. Matt Gerber has extensive experience coaching debate at the University of Kansas and Baylor and is the Assistant Director of Forensics at Baylor. Matt was a three-time qualifier to the NDT and is a co-author of the 2005 & 2006 Baylor Briefs, Communican and Kritik Killers handbooks.

Terri Easley was a successful debater for UT Dallas and has coached extensively on the Texas high school circuit. Terri holds an M.A. and was also an assistant debate coach for Baylor University. She is currently the Director of Debate at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas.

Jeff Roberts was a highly-successful high school debate coach in Nebrask, before joining forces in 2003 as a member of the Baylor coaching staff. He is currently the Assistant Director of Debate at Kansas State University. Jeff specializes in critical theory and strategies.

Brian Rubaie is a two-time NDT qualifier who debates for the University of Texas at Dallas. Highlights of Brian's college debate career include a recent appearance in the semi-finals of the Harvard tournament. Brian will be returning for his third year at the workshop.

Keith Haynie is the highly-successful Director of Debate at South Garland High School in Texas. Keith is back again for another year as the men's dorm director and is the co-director of the Teacher's Workshop.

The staff will also include other nationally recognized debate champions in policy debate and other nationally prominent high school coaches.

Special Features

  • Our theory lectures are given by reputable debate theorists who have published articles in scholarly journals and have attended numerous conferences on argumentation and debate.
  • Each student in the 2-week session will participate in at least 10 practice debates to enhance his or her debate skills.
  • Classes are offered in the novice, intermediate, and championship levels.
  • The Baylor Debaters' Workshop offers the most extensive library material specific to the upcoming topic.