Meet the Coaches

Dr. Matt Gerber

Dr. Matt Gerber is the Director of Debate and Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies. Matt holds the Ph.D. from the University of Kansas and was a three-time N.D.T. qualifier at Southeastern Oklahoma State. He joined the Baylor coaching staff in 1997 as a graduate student and rejoined as a faculty member in 2003.

Dr. Scott Varda

Dr. Scott Varda is the Associate Director of Debate and Assistant Professor. Scott holds a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa and had a successful debating career at Illinois State University.

Dr. Karla Leeper

Dr. Karla Leeper is currently the Chief of Staff for the University and is the former Department Chair of Communication Studies and the former Director of the Glenn R. Capp Debate Forum. Karla holds a doctorate from the University of Kansas and debated for the University of Iowa, where she reached the final round of the N.D.T. Karla continues to support Baylor debate.

Graduate Assistant Coaches

Nick Denissen Nick Denissen is a volunteer assistant coach for the team.
Dustin Greenwalt Dustin Greenwalt
Reynolds Patterson

Reynolds Patterson

Ryan Smith Ryan Smith
>Zack Wagner Zack Wagner
Mike Weitz Mike Weitz