MA Program

The MA in Communication program at Baylor University aims to develop innovative, articulate, and ethical leaders in multiple fields related to communication and media. Students examine the relational, collaborative, strategic, symbolic, and adaptive nature of communication and learn alongside esteemed faculty who specialize in two sub-fields of study. Though students often identify themselves in terms of one sub-field, they are encouraged to take courses from both areas and explore opportunities to intersect areas of study:

Through coursework in both areas of study, students are challenged to fulfill the “Learning Outcomes in Communication” established by the National Communication Association:

  • Employ Communication theories, perspectives, principles, and concepts

  • Engage in Communication inquiry

  • Create messages appropriate to the audience, purpose and context

  • Critically analyze messages

  • Demonstrate the ability to accomplish communicative goals (self-efficacy)

  • Apply ethical communication principles and practices

  • Utilize communication to embrace difference

  • Influence public discourse

With diverse course offerings and degree paths that cultivate research, writing, creative, and analytic skills, our graduates are poised for successful careers in academia, consulting, business and nonprofit practice, public service, and media industries.

For more information about the communication program of study, visit the Degree Paths and Coursework and Program Highlights sections of our website.  Prospective applicants, make sure to review the Admissions information and explore opportunities for Funding and Assistantships

For further information, contact the Graduate Program Director:

Lacy McNamee, PhD | 254-710-4698