Masters Program

The MA in Communication program at Baylor University aims to develop innovative, articulate, and ethical leaders in multiple fields related to communication and media. Students examine the relational, collaborative, strategic, symbolic, and adaptive nature of communication and learn alongside esteemed faculty who specialize in two sub-fields of study. Though students often identify themselves in terms of one sub-field, they are encouraged to take courses from both areas and explore opportunities to intersect areas of study:

Rhetorical Studies

In rhetorical studies, students and faculty investigate the socio-political implications of discourse and argument. Research centers on the production and reception of texts in discrete contexts and the impacts of discourse on larger social institutions. Coursework involves the textual, cultural, and social analysis of publicly circulated discourse. Students are encouraged to learn close, textual analysis in their courses to illuminate the suasory dimensions of public address.

Interpersonal and Organizational Studies

In interpersonal and organizational studies, students and faculty examine the dynamics of communication in shaping relationships and organizations. Research and coursework focuses on topics such as friend, family, and professional relationships; organizational structures and networks; communication technologies; health messages and healthcare organizations; leadership; individual and organizational identity; and crisis and change. Students explore multiple theoretical paradigms and research methodologies.

Department of Communication

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