Cap and Gown


  • Graduates receiving bachelor's and master's degrees wear traditional academic dress which can be purchased at the Baylor Bookstore. 
  • The design and appearance of academic regalia varies according to degree, becoming more elaborate with advanced degrees. 
  • Items such as flowers, decorative jewelry, and other non-academic adornments are not appropriate for the commencement ceremony.
  • Mortarboards should not be decorated.


  • Bachelor's degree regalia includes a gown with unique Baylor markings, a mortarboard and tassel.
  • A stole of appreciation is strictly optional for the student to wear and present as a sign of appreciation to someone of his or her choosing.
  • Bachelor's regalia is priced at $70 plus tax.  If you choose to purchase the stole of appreciation, it is an additional 29.95 plus tax. 
  • Tassels are available in different colors, depending on the type of degree conferred.
  • The bookstore will assist you in determining your color designations for tassels.
  • Master's degree regalia includes a gown, mortarboard and tassel, and hood. Master's students graduating with dual degrees may wear only one hood. Master's regalia is priced at $120 plus tax.
  • Master's hoods will show colors to indicate the area of study.
  • The bookstore will assist you in determining your color designations hoods. All master's degrees wear a black tassel on their mortarboard.
  • The robes that bachelor and master's students wear are from Jostens Elements Collection(TM). These gowns help students celebrate the graduation tradition and obtain a keepsake, knowing their graduation attire was created with the utmost concern for the environment. The fabric for the robes is made from wood that is sourced exclusively from renewable, managed forests. Based on scientific research, if the robe is discarded, the fabric is proven to decompose in soil in one year. Robes kept inside will not decompose. As a part of the Elements Collection program, when a student redeems the Elements regalia hang tag code online, Jostens will contribute $1 to support environmental sustainability.


  • Baylor has its own distinctive doctoral regalia, which will be worn by all doctoral candidates at commencement.
  • Graduates should contact the Graduate School at 254-710-3582 for information concerning rental of regalia or purchase of regalia ($984.86, including tax). Shipping is an additional charge. The bag and hanger are included with the full set purchase.
  • Honor cords are not worn at the doctoral level or with doctoral regalia.


  • Honor cords may be provided for membership in an academic or honor organization and usually are available from the organization involved.
  • Honor cords are for undergraduate honor/academic societies and do not denote any GPA recognition. 
  • It is preferred that these adornments represent academic achievement.
  • Undergraduates may wear a maximum of 3 honor cords, medallions, sashes or stoles related to academic honors during the ceremony
  • Cords are not provided to students who graduate cum laude, magna cum laude or summa cum laude, although this designation is shown in the program and is shown on the screen as each graduate's name is called.
  • Diplomas will be ordered after graduation to show this distinction.
  • Any academic organization that wishes to provide these items to their membership must have approval from the Provost's Office.
  • Contact to request approval.