A distinguished emeritus professor, symbolizing Baylor's debt to the immedicate past, is invited to carry the mace and lead the ceremony procession. The mace was adopted as the official Baylor mace  by the Board of Trustees in March 1974 as a symbol of the authority of the University.  The gold-hilted sword that comprises the principal element of the mace was presented to Cyrus Alexander Baylor, brother of University namesake Judge R.E.B. Baylor, by President Andrew Jackson as an award for bravery in battle. A second element of the mace is a gold-headed walking cane that was presented to Baylor President Rufus C. Burleson by his students in 1860.  The third element of the mace is a gold-headed walking cane, bearing the date of 1836, that belonged to General Sam Houston. Immedicately beneath the three elements, a three dimensional seal of Baylor University is mounted on the staff, which was milled from a timber taken from a roof beam in Old Main, the first building constructed on the Waco campus.