Accessibility Resources

Baylor University is committed to improving the accessibility of our website, and we need every web content manager to play an important role.

Baylor University’s draft statement on accessibility describes our responsibility for accommodating those with disabilities. As a caring, Christian community, Baylor University is “grounded in a Christian understanding of hospitality,” and, as such, “is committed to improving the accessibility of our website.”

Simply put: Making web content accessible is the right thing to do, and it improves the web experience for everyone. In addition, colleges and universities with inaccessible websites may face legal consequences as accessibility is a federal mandate.

You Can Help

Marketing Communications and Information Technology Services have developed accessible templates for use in the Baylor CMS, and we rely on our content managers (you!) to follow best practices for creating accessible content.

Learn More about Web Accessibility

Baylor's content management system is a tool for academic and administrative units to create and manage websites.