CMS Migration Project Milestones

Based on direction from the Executive Sponsors, the Leadership Team will work with stakeholders and Project Implementation Team to implement Baylor instance of Acquia Cloud Enterprise, Acquia Lift and Acquia Cloud Site Factory to migrate the entire Baylor website over the next 24-36 months.

This project is set to begin in January 2019 and will require involvement from key campus stakeholders throughout the duration of the project. Key milestones listed below assume that these stakeholders are available, as needed, to support system development, implementation and integration.

January 2019
  • Initial system provisioning by Acquia.
February 2019
  • Drupal 8 Immersion for Developers
March - April 2019
  • 2-week Acquia led Discovery Workshop to help project leaders understand key marketing and technical objectives and requirements for new system.
  • Begin initial system configuration, including security and DNS.
  • Start theme development and content infrastructure to support Baylor web objectives.
May - June 2019
  • Launch new websites on platform Website Rollout Plan
  • Develop plan for migrating remaining websites from Baylor CMS to Drupal.
Jul. 2019 - Jul. 2021
  • Website Migration Migrate websites based on marketing objectives and rollout plan
Dec. 2021
  • Retirement of Baylor CMS
Baylor's content management system is a tool for academic and administrative units to create and manage websites.