CMS Migration Project Context

The CMS Migration Project will transform Baylor’s digital marketing efforts and affect every stakeholder with a web presence. The standardized approach to developing core system technology, universal themes, and individual websites will improve the overall user experience for administrators and visitors, providing a consistent, reliable and excellent experience in support of University goals. The project includes:

  • Project Discovery and Planning: Identify and enumerate existing and needed technology and marketing objectives.
  • System Architecture Development: Based on objectives, develop Drupal/Acquia system architecture schematics and methodologies to support objectives.
  • Back- and Front-End Development: Based on architectural planning, develop methods, modules and design themes to support objectives.
  • Testing and Analysis: Test and analyze new web structures and design for conformance with key objectives, regulatory requirements, industry best practices and usability for users and administrators.
  • Website Creation and Migration: Create new websites and migrate existing websites to new web environment based on standardized implementation.
  • Existing Technology Retirement: Plan for ultimate retirement of unneeded hardware and software.
Baylor's content management system is a tool for academic and administrative units to create and manage websites.