CMS Migration Project Scope

This multi-year implementation effort will support the University’s growing digital marketing endeavors, promoting consistent user interfaces for website administrators and visitors. This new system will be utilized to accomplish key goals in support of Baylor’s mission.

Guiding Principles

  • INNOVATIVE AND ADAPTABLE: The digital marketing industry is changing rapidly, and the new web environment will be adaptable to current and anticipated digital marketing trends in support of Baylor’s marketing objectives.
  • RELIABLE, AVAILABLE AND SECURE: The new web environment will be cloud-hosted in a secure, redundant and managed environment that is monitored around-the-clock.
  • STANDARDIZED AND SIMPLIFIED: The amount of content on Baylor’s web environment continues to rise, and a new system will standardize the user experience while simplifying the process of adding, editing and managing content. This will enable digital content managers to accomplish key goals for the University.
  • OPEN, OPTIMIZED AND INTEGRATED: Powered by an open-source digital platform (Drupal) and other digital marketing platform technologies, this new web environment will leverage existing industry tools and allow Baylor to optimize the website for social media and search. Its open platform will allow integrations with existing and anticipated enterprise systems at Baylor.
  • ACCESSIBLE: The new web environment will further extend Baylor’s caring Christian community to digital and help prepare for possible legal and regulatory requirements related to website accessibility. Specifically, the new web environment will be compliant with the broad industry standard, WCAG 2.1 Level AA.
Baylor's content management system is a tool for academic and administrative units to create and manage websites.