Training Seminars

CMSCMS Training Seminars are offered several times each semester and are led by Susan Evans and Krista Brinser.

These hands-on classes are designed to help you understand how to use the Baylor CMS and are especially useful for new users. We also offer an advanced class for more seasoned users.

If you have questions about a class, please contact Susan via email.

Upcoming Seminars


How Do I Sign-Up?

  1. Log into Compass.
  2. Click on the "Learning Library" link at the top of the page.
  3. Type CMS in the search box.
  4. Choose either Working in the CMS (basic seminar) or CMS Advanced Seminar for Department Admins.
  5. Click the "Sessions" tab.
  6. Find the session you would like to attend.
  7. Click the "Enroll" link to sign up.
  8. See you in class!