Volunteer Health & Hydration

Baylor is grateful for your willingness to help with Move-In Day 2017! With August temperatures oftentimes in the triple-digits, one of our greatest concerns is the health, safety and hydration of our many volunteers.

General Health Tips:
Eat well at least two days before Move-In Day
Eating well means being aware of your calorie intake because you will burn a lot of calories expending energy during Move-In Day. Consume a lot of carbohydrates - they serve as disposable take them in and in return, they give you a burst of energy!

Eat some bananas!
Potassium is a great source of energy and can work to prevent muscle-cramping, so eat some bananas frequently a few days leading up to Move-In Day. Save some for during the event too.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
Since there is little chance that it will be a cool day for Move-In Day, you'll need to start your hydration early! Drink plenty of water a couple of days before the event. Be ready to burn through that in a hurry too during Move-In Day. Water is the best option for hydration, but if during Move-In Day you find you're developing a headache, it may be an early sign of dehydration. Drink some water or, for a quick fix to replace your lost electrolytes, drink Gatorade(R). Throughout Move-In Day, there will be Hydration Stations conveniently located for your use.

Don't take unnecessary risks!
You will be working in the hot sun...wear sunscreen!
You will be lifting heavy items and boxes...lift with your knees!
You will be climbing lots of stairs...take occasional breaks!
If you see someone you think is in trouble (in need of water, medical assistance, etc.)...find a Move-In Day Committee Member or medical staff member!