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Dawson Hall

Dawson Hall is home to 200 female members of IMPACT & LEAD LLC. The community partners with Allen Hall to participate in programming, such as cohort classes and mentor groups that are designed to develop young leaders in an authentic Christian community. The hall staff members encourage inclusive friendships that embrace diversity and enrich the student experience. Dawson is located near Founder’s Mall.


Living-Learning Program

Nearby Dining
1845 at Memorial


Nearby Dining
1845 at Memorial
Room Type Rate Allotment
Double Room $3,670 per semester 3%
Double Room Private Bath $4,440 per semester 6%
Double Room Shared Bath $4,200 per semester 87%
Triple Room Shared Bath $3,670 per semester 4%
Living-Learning Program Fee
LEAD & IMPACT $100 per semester

Meet our Team
Beth Benschoter Beth Benschoter Allen/Dawson Halls Residence Hall Director Beth_Benschoter1@baylor.edu 254-292-7025
Dr. Beth Allison Barr Dr. Beth Allison Barr Allen/Dawson Halls Faculty in Residence Beth_Barr@baylor.edu
Ryan Erck Ryan Erck Impact LLC Program Director Ryan_Erck@baylor.edu 254-710-3502
Chase Haney Chase Haney Allen Hall and Dawson Hall Resident Chaplain Chase_Haney1@baylor.edu