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Baylor Cityside

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Baylor is excited to welcome the class of 2025, the largest in University history. The number of students who will find their home at Baylor this fall challenged our Campus Living & Learning team to generate creative solutions to housing accommodations that provide students the quality space to live, study, relax and gather in community that are hallmarks of the Baylor experience.

Baylor has partnered with Springhill Suites, a brand-new Marriott property at the corner of University Parks and I-35, to expand our fall 2021 campus housing offerings. This unique residential community, called Baylor Cityside, is located adjacent to Baylor’s Clifton Robinson Tower, which houses financial aid, the registrar and many other University offices. It’s also nearby Waco’s growing downtown amenities, while maintaining close proximity to other Baylor residential and dining facilities.

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Baylor Cityside will be fully dedicated to the safety, comfort and support of Baylor students as they begin their academic journeys. No commercial residents will be on site. Baylor Cityside will operate like other residential facilities on campus and will be staffed with Community Leaders, a Resident Chaplain and a Residence Hall Director, as well as with added security measures in place.


  • Small refrigerator and microwave.
  • Separate living/sitting areas from the bedroom.
  • Each room includes a private bath.
  • 24-hour front desk staff and onsite security.
  • Grab and go breakfast available daily in the lobby.
    *A modified campus meal plan will be available to students for the remaining meals each day.
  • Workout facility and business center with printer.
  • BU Shuttle from Baylor Cityside to campus.
  • Room rates comparable to other campus residential spaces.
Baylor Cityside FAQs

Please note that all students assigned to live at Baylor Cityside are still residents of Baylor University Campus Living & Learning and, as such, are required to abide by the Guide to Community Living. Students may find the Guide to Community Living through their MyHousing portal.

Will I be able to personalize my room?

Yes, we want you to make your room feel more comfortable, but there are some very important guidelines you must follow. Any decorating tools which damage surfaces (e.g., carpet tape, duct tape, double stick tape, glue, nails, staples, etc.) are prohibited. Sticky tack that is meant to be removable is the approved method for securing lightweight decorations to walls and doors in the residence hall. It is important that residents apply and remove the adhesive correctly, so please read and follow the directions. Affixing objects to the walls or other room surfaces may pose a safety hazard, so think carefully about placement above beds, doors, etc. If a resident chooses to adhere decorations, he/she assumes the personal responsibility for any damage or injury the object may cause.

Please note that students are prohibited from hanging or altering the blue vinyl wall that is in each room.

Can I request my roommate?

No, students will be automatically assigned a roommate based on the Room Type preference they submitted through the Housing Application.

Is Baylor Cityside a co-ed facility?

Baylor Cityside will house both male and female students in the split-gender model used in other residential facilities. This model assigns areas of the facility as either all male or all female. For example, floors 2-4 may be assigned to male residents, while floors 5-7 may be assigned to female residents.

Can I have visitors?

Yes, visitors are welcome to visit any Campus Living & Learning facility during specific times for the purposes of collaborative academic pursuits, spiritual enrichment, and social interaction. These times are limited to the following hours and do not include overnight stays:

Sunday – Saturday 10:00 am – 1:00 am

Other visitation times may be designated for special occasions. Times for special visitation will be posted in advance. Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests from another hall or from off campus; they will be liable for any damages and/or held responsible for any policy infractions caused by their guests.

If I have a car, will there be available parking near my classes?

Yes. Students are able to purchase University parking permits beginning August 2 through their MyParking account. Permits provide access to parking near residential areas and academic spaces. You will be able to view availability through the parking portal. For more information, visit please visit the Baylor University Parking & Transportation Services webpage.

What if I don't have a car? Will a shuttle be available? Can I safely walk or bike to classes?

Baylor University will provide dedicated shuttle service for students residing at Baylor Cityside. The shuttle will run Monday through Friday on a regular schedule: Monday-Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm, every 20 minutes with drop-off at Speight Plaza; afterhours Monday-Thursday 5:30pm to 1:30am, every 30 minutes from Speight Plaza.

Construction on roads through and around Baylor University is managed by Texas Department of Transportation (TXDot), and progress and schedules are dependent on weather, field conditions and work progress. During the ongoing construction, be patient, alert and resilient, plan for additional travel time to campus and “Know Before You Go” by checking real-time traffic conditions at www.waco4bmap.org.

If you are walking or biking to and from classes from Baylor Cityside, use the crosswalks under 4th/5th Streets or University Parks Drive. Please be aware that this access is in an active construction zone and may be unavailable at times. Be alert and mindful of drivers when walking or biking through that area. Never attempt to cross the interstate on foot.

Follow @TxDOTWaco on Twitter for the most current updates on construction activities and lane closures.

When can I move into Baylor Cityside?

Students living at Baylor Cityside will automatically be assigned an assisted, official Move2BU move-in time for Thursday, August 19. Once assigned, students can self-select an unassisted, Early Move-In timeslot through their MyHousing portal for earlier that week if they prefer.

Will there be any safety provisions in place?

Our Baylor Cityside partners at Springhill Suites will provide an associate for 24/7 front desk coverage. Baylor University also will provide additional security on the premises.

How does Baylor Cityside pricing per semester differ from other campus facilities?

Baylor Cityside rates are comparable or even lower than other residential facilities. We recognize this solution to the expanded housing needs during the 2021-22 academic year is unique and have supplemented the cost to make these premium accommodations equally affordable, while also ensuring the sense of community and support for students that comes through a Residence Hall Director, Resident Chaplain and Community Leaders.

Am I required to purchase a meal plan?

Yes, Baylor University requires any student with a housing assignment from Campus Living & Learning to purchase a meal plan. However, because Baylor Cityside offers a grab and go breakfast, students may elect to purchase a reduced meal plan. Students assigned to Baylor Cityside may choose a meal plan option from Block 170 and above on the Dining Services options. Meal plans give you access to all dining locations across campus with a range of hours from as early as 7:00 am to as late as 1:00 am. For more information, please visit Baylor Dining Services webpage.

How will I receive my mail?

Baylor University Mail Services processes and distributes mail for departments, faculty and students residing on campus. Mail Services is split into two categories: Incoming Mail and Outgoing Mail. Incoming mail is delivered to the Bill Daniels Student Center for distribution. All students will be assigned a One Bear Place (OBP) box number where their standard incoming mail will be distributed.

Students residing at Baylor Cityside who wish to receive packages larger than their OBP box should include the following information when addressing their packages: Student Name, Student Room Number, and the Baylor Cityside address: 115 S Jack Kultgen Expy, Waco, TX, 76706. It is important to include Baylor Cityside’s full address (including the correct zip code) to ensure that your package arrives at its intended destination. For more information regarding mail services, please visit Baylor University Mail Services website.

Do I provide my own bedding? What size should I purchase?

Yes, while the bed and frame structure will be provided, students must provide their own bedding – sheets, blankets, comforters, pillows, etc. Students assigned to a double room should bring standard queen bedding, students assigned to a single, super single, or one-bedroom suite should bring standard king bedding. Students can check their room assignment through their MyHousing portal.

Are there laundry machines at the facility?

Yes, a small number of laundry machines are available on site for students to use. Additionally, Baylor University will be offering a laundry service at a subsidized rate. Please check this page again at a later date for more information about this service!

Can we use hotel amenities?

Some traditional Springhill Suites amenities are not available to students residing in Baylor Cityside. These include the swimming pool, room services, and housekeeping services. However, students are able to use the on-site fitness center, Wi-Fi, and business center at no extra cost. Additionally, some snacks and sundry items are available for purchase in the facility lobby.

Can I remove any furniture and provide my own?

No. The basic furniture that is provided in resident rooms and accounted for on a room inventory must remain in the room. Students are permitted to add their own free-standing furniture items as space permits. Residents may not construct lofts or beds or other furnishings that must be secured to walls or floors for stability or safety or arrange room furnishings using additional items found in the residential community. Further, added furniture may not be fashioned from other construction materials (e.g., cinder blocks, wood, bed risers). Water-filled furniture is not permitted.

How long will we live in the hotel?

The number of new students who will make their home at Baylor this fall challenged our Campus Living & Learning team to generate creative solutions to housing accommodations that provide students the quality space to live, study, relax and gather in community as they begin their college journeys. We have created one-semester leases for students assigned to Baylor Cityside. As the academic year progresses, the University will continue to assess the experiences of our students and the need for expanded housing spaces. Students may be asked to move to other residential facilities if they become available for the spring semester. Please check this page again at a later date for updates on these plans!

How many students will be assigned to Baylor Cityside?

Approximately 150 students will be assigned to live at Baylor Cityside.


Email us at living@baylor.edu