Student Engagement Scholarship FAQ

What is the Student Engagement scholarship?

The Office of Student Learning & Engagement developed the Student Engagement scholarship to help students maintain their Living-Learning Center or First In Line scholarship, as well as reward their commitment to co-curricular engagement at Baylor, beyond their first year as a Baylor student.

Not only does the Student Engagement scholarship reduce the cost of attending Baylor, it supports enriching opportunities that increases college students’ development, satisfaction, and success.


Who is eligible for the Student Engagement scholarship?

Only Baylor students who have previously received one of the following scholarships is eligible:

  • Baylor & Beyond LLC scholarship
  • Impact LLC scholarship
  • First in Line scholarship
  • Leadership LLC scholarship
  • Transfer Year Experience LLC scholarship


Can I receive the Student Engagement scholarship if I do not live on campus?

Yes. Campus residency is not a requirement of the Student Engagement scholarship. You must, however, meet eligibility requirements and other scholarship criteria.


If I am eligible for the Student Engagement scholarship, how much money could I receive?

Eligible students may receive up to $1500 per semester, $3000 per academic year (fall and spring semesters). Student Engagement scholarship recipients may receive their scholarship, along with a previously awarded LLC scholarship, for a total of eight semesters. This accumulates, if a student meets all requirements, to $12,000 over four years.


If I am eligible for the Student Engagement scholarship, how many semesters can I receive the scholarship?

Although scholarship recipients must reapply each semester, Student Engagement scholarship recipients may, in most cases, receive their scholarship for up to six semesters.


Why does the name of my scholarship change?

Only students who have previously received the Baylor & Beyond, Impact, Leadership, Transfer, or First In Line scholarships are eligible to receive the Student Engagement scholarship. After their first year receiving one of the aforementioned scholarships, students are eligible to receive the Student Engagement scholarship. This marks a shift in the requirements of the scholarship and provides increased flexibility for meeting the scholarship criteria while still engaging in practices that research demonstrates an increase in students’ success and satisfaction with their college experience.


Can I receive more than one Student Engagement scholarship?

No. Scholarship recipients may be eligible for other university or external scholarships but may not receive more than one Student Engagement scholarship.


Will receiving the Student Engagement scholarship impact my Financial Aid package?

Probably not. The Student Engagement scholarship is “stackable." This means that, in most cases, you can “stack” it on top of any other aid you have received.  Please contact the Student Financial Aid office online if you have any questions or concerns about your specific situation.


Can I receive a Student Engagement scholarship during the summer?

 Normally, no. The Student Engagement scholarship is offered during the fall and spring semesters. The only exception is made for those who are studying abroad for at least 4 weeks in the summer. In that case, this engagement meets the criteria for their fall engagement and the scholarship will be awarded in the fall.


What are the Student Engagement Scholarship Criteria?

In order to meet the scholarship criteria, applicants must:

  1. have received two or more semesters of an LLC scholarship or First In Line scholarship;
  2. complete the FAFSA (or CSS Profile for international students) and demonstrate financial need;
  3. select one of the seven eligible forms of engagement (click here to view);
  4. identify a scholarship sponsor (Baylor faculty/staff or a professional staff member at the leadership/service site) who will verify the applicant’s commitment (this requirement is contingent on the form of engagement you select);
  5. maintain consistent engagement (at least 45 hours/semester; an average of 3 hours/week); and
  6. maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA.


Do I have to complete a FAFSA in order to qualify for the Student Engagement Scholarship?

Yes. Eligible scholarship applicants must complete the FAFSA (or CSS Profile for international students) to demonstrate financial need.


In order to meet the criteria for the Student Engagement scholarship, what are acceptable forms of engagement?

Form of Engagement


Verified By

Leadership position in a sponsored or affiliate student organization*


Student organization advisor

Leadership role in LLC


LL program director

Peer Leader


Assistant Director for Leadership Development

Study Abroad (*not available for Fall 2020)


Center for Global Engagement

Unpaid Internship


Sponsor (supervising faculty/staff)

Leadership course


Student Engagement Office will verify with current class schedule

Community Service


Coordinator in Baylor office of Community Engagement & Service or the supervising staff at the volunteer site

Student Teaching


Assist. Dean, School of Education

Undergraduate Research


Supervising faculty

Senior Thesis


Supervising faculty


If I am eligible for the Student Engagement scholarship, how do I apply?

Student Engagement scholarship renewal forms are distributed electronically to current scholarship recipients prior to each long semester by the Office of Student Learning & Engagement. If you do not receive an on-line renewal by mid March for fall or by late November for spring, contact You can also stop by our office on the 3rd floor of the Bill Daniel Student Center.


Does a minor leadership position in a student organization qualify as a “Leadership Position” or “Leadership Role”?

Normally, no. The minimum required time for scholarship recipients to qualify for the Student Engagement scholarship is 3 hours per week. Because of the ambiguous and varied nature of organizational roles and responsibilities most scholarship recipients who can adequately use their student organizational involvement toward their Student Engagement scholarship are at the executive level. 


Can I do 45 hours in a short amount of time to qualify for the Student Engagement scholarship?

 An aim of the SE scholarship is to support students’ engagement in experiential and educational activities over an extended length of time. Hence, the various forms of engagement are designed to be at least semester-long. In exceptional cases, a student may gain a similar benefit from a short, immersive experience. Generally, research and practical experience demonstrates that time on task over an extended length of time has a deeper and longer-lasting influence on a person than a brief experience. We will consider special requests that provide sufficient documentation of engagement and learning on a case by case basis. 


What happens if my cumulative GPA falls below a 2.5?

Student Engagement scholarship recipients who do not meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirement can expect to lose their scholarship until they increase their minimum cumulative GPA to 2.5 or above. Financial Aid and Student Engagement will deliberate about possible one-semester grace periods, depending on the magnitude of the GPA shortage. If a student loses a Student Engagement scholarship due to insufficient GPA, once their cumulative GPA meets or exceeds 2.5, they should email to notify our office when the GPA returns to the required 2.5.


I saved my renewal form without finishing. Why can’t I see my previous responses?

One possibility is that the Save and Continue function uses cookies to save a respondent’s progress, but it will only work if you return to the survey on the same internet browser on the same computer to finish the survey.


I have more questions- who do I contact about the Student Engagement scholarship?

Feel free to email with other questions you may have.


I’d like to take a leadership course, who is my faculty/staff sponsor?

The Student Engagement office will confirm and monitor class enrollment and satisfactory completion. No other sponsor is required for a leadership course.


I am eligible for the student engagement scholarship, but I am a nursing student planning to attend the Dallas campus in a coming semester – can I still receive the Student Engagement Scholarship?

Yes. Pre-nursing students who plan to attend the Louise Herrington School of Nursing in Dallas and want to maintain their scholarship, can generally do so through similar means as Waco campus students. Depending on the desired form of engagement, students should contact (for more information on community service and leadership) or (for more information about leadership courses and research opportunities. Direct other questions to