Your First Week at Baylor

Dining Halls and Meal Plans

For information about dining hall hours and meal plans, please visit Baylor Dining Services.

Welcome Week

Welcome Week is an exciting introduction to the Baylor experience. It takes place on Move-In Day through the first day of classes. Students will have the opportunity to participate in many Baylor activities and traditions during this four-day period. New students are led in small groups by upper-division students as they participate in these events. In these small groups, students are encouraged to build long-lasting relationships as they begin their own Baylor journey. View updates on Welcome Week 2021 by visiting Baylor New Student Programs website here.


Academic Convocation, one of the first Baylor traditions you will experience, initiates the new class of Baylor Bears.

All-Hall Meeting

Every residence hall has their own All-Hall Meeting to kick off the new year. Look for time and location information from your residence hall staff during your first week on-campus.

First Day of Classes

Use your class schedule, accessed on Bearweb, to find the locations of your classes so you won't be late on the first day. Keep a map on-hand until you familiarize yourself with the campus.