Move-In Logistics

Move in Times & your Move-In Hangtag
(Available in Late July)

We are so excited to have you join our on-campus community this fall. In August, over 3,800 first-year students will participate in Move2BU as they make Baylor their new home. By logging into the My Housing portal and clicking the ‘Move2BU’ tab, you can view important details about your move-in date and time, your hangtag and route information, and important tasks you must complete prior to move-in day.

Each first year student is issued an official move in time and date. This will be sent out to you via your Baylor email in late July. This date and time is based upon your room and location. As you plan for your arrival to Waco, please see the chart above to find out which day your building is moving in. It is important to try to move in during your assigned time (between 8am-12pm each day). If you need to change assigned time, you are able to select a different move in time through the My Housing portal.

Each car will need their own hangtag. Youg can print a copy of your hangtag for each vehicle by visiting the My Housing portal.


Before you arrive on-campus, be sure that your Move-In Hangtag is placed on your rearview mirror. This is how our volunteers will direct you where to go. As you approach the Baylor campus, look for your correct route indicated by the letter and color on your hangtag. When you arrive at your residence hall, volunteers will unload all of your belongings and deliver them to your room while you check-in at the lobby. Be sure to label all your boxes and belongings with your first and last name, residence hall and room number so that our volunteers know where to take your items. When you get to your room, complete the Online Room Condition/Inventory Form and begin decorating your room.

After your vehicle has been unloaded, please park your vehicle at a nearby garage or at the Ferrell Center.

Log into the My Housing portal to view your move-in date and time and route information. You may change your assigned time within the portal to better accommodate your travel schedule but you may not change your move-in date.