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The heart of the Baylor experience is developed on-campus in the union of shared experiences and relationships. In keeping with Pro Futuris, Baylor University seeks to continue to increase the percentage of undergraduates living on campus and improve the quality of Baylor’s residential communities. Central to this effort is Campus Living & Learning (CL&L)'s goals to further enhance engagement between students and faculty.

The Residence Hall Director (RHD) is responsible for ensuring student learning, faith development, cultural humility, and self-advocacy are outcomes of the on-campus residential experience. The RHD must have a demonstrated Christian faith and show a commitment to collaboration with faculty, an appreciation for diversity, and an enthusiasm for investing in college students. The RHD reports to one of three Assistant Directors for Resident Learning in the office of Campus Living & Learning.

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Hear what our staff have to say!

What drew you to the Residence Hall Director position at Baylor?


Lauren Ross 5th Year Residence Hall Director

I wanted a role where I could grow personally and professionally in an environment where I felt valued and known. I knew Baylor was a place that truly cared about its students and staff and about growing together in community, and I was excited at the idea of doing this in a residential setting. It has been so fulfilling to live and learn with students outside of the classroom and watch students thrive as they invest into each other and into their community.


Ricardo Garza1st Year Residence Hall Director

What caught my attention was the staff’s passion to provide residents and student employees with experiences within their community that focus on diversity, intellect, and spiritual development. I appreciated the other Residence Hall Directors commitment to support the students they supervise while also being dedicated to develop themselves as professionals. Now being on this team, I can say that I am glad to be in a place where I can challenge myself professionally while also being surrounded with Christ-minded individuals who want me to succeed.

Describe the culture of Campus Living & Learning at Baylor


Alex Crist4th Year Residence Hall Director

The departmental cultural within CL&L is collegial and collaborative. We enjoy working hard in our respective roles, but also spending time together outside of work. I appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with my peers in departmental committees to further develop my professional skillset in a fun and supportive environment.


T'Erica Hudson4th Year Residence Hall Director

Campus Living & Learning is a hospitable and collaborative department. We thrive in doing life together; both personally and professionally. I have enjoyed building meaningful connection with my colleagues. It is truly an honor to work alongside some amazingly talented and committed individuals.

How have you developed professionally while working for Campus Living & Learning?


Madeline Pena2nd Year Residence Hall Director

The opportunity to work at Baylor was the best decision to begin my full-time career as a student affairs practitioner. I am encouraged to offer ideas, insight, and feedback regularly. Additionally, I have received so many opportunities to work with colleagues on conference partnerships, article sharing, and conversations surrounding the current state of higher education. The support and community at Baylor is truly remarkable and I have become a better professional because of my colleagues' dedication to produce good work.


Evie Roldan7th Year Residence Hall Director

I was drawn to Baylor’s high standard of excellence, integration of faith and work, and numerous opportunities available for RHDs to grow professionally inside and beyond the residence hall responsibilities. A few of my favorite professional development endeavors from the past few years include taking classes at Truett Seminary, partnering with New Student Programs to serve as a Line Camp Director, chairing departmental committees, and attending the Q Ideas Conference.

What is your favorite part about living in Waco?


Katie Windham3rd Year Residence Hall Director

Waco is like a little "big city" with historic Texas charm; it's a combination that offers lots of fun opportunities to explore local businesses, communities, and traditions. There are many great activities and local spots to connect with people; there's also a rich life to Waco outside of Baylor. The Waco church presence is strong and there are many service groups that are deeply invested locally; people love to see their neighbor thrive here and you find many people who are loyal to local businesses. A great icebreaker is asking people to share their favorite restaurant in town!


Lisa MurphyAssistant Director for Resident Learning, 11th year in CL&L

I love Waco and all it offers, including access to a variety of restaurants, a growing number of local small businesses, and several unique coffee shops. The Waco community is large enough to have everything you need and yet small enough where it's not uncommon to run into people you know at the grocery store, the farmer's market, or around town. It's also perfectly situated between Dallas & Austin and only 3 hours away from San Antonio and Houston -- all great cities for a day or weekend away!